What is FundsMart?


FundsMart is an online investment facility within the FirstMetroSec Trading Platform.

It empowers you to invest in more than 25 peso and dollar-denominated mutual funds from the 6 leading fund houses in the country. 

Gain exclusive access to sophisticated tools for analyzing, screening, and comparing mutual funds, so that you can easily choose the funds that best fit your investing needs.

Save time and money. Invest and redeem mutual funds with no additional paperwork, sales loads, and transaction fees with only one FirstMetroSec online trading account.

Sit back, relax, and let the experts do what they do best with FundsMart.

We put the FUNd in FundsMart
Filter and sort the mutual funds using performance, suitable funds based on your risk profile, fund type, currency, or fund provider. We made sure to make investing as personally-fit as possible to your needs. FundSmart enables you to sort and select mutual funds with ease, comparing your favorite mutual fund with its peers. It is possible, for example, for an Aggressive-rated investor to see high-risk high return mutual funds sorted by previous performance of up to 5 years.
Understand a specific mutual fund better through  its fund profile. You can view its current top holdings, the minimum holding period, its Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS), minimum and additional investment, fund type, and a take a quick glance at its performance chart. The risk rating is indicated on the right corner, with 5 being the highest on the scale.
Navigate your way to investing in mutual funds.  Proceed to the INVEST tab and click on NEW INSTRUCTION. Similar to investing in stocks, choose to SUBSCRIBE or REDEEM. Once chosen, indicate which fund you will invest in and the amount.  A FUND GUIDE tab is provided for your easy reference.
Display your current mutual funds portfolio through the INVEST tab then VIEW PORTFOLIO. The page will display your current holdings and market value. If you want to subscribe (buy) to more shares, you can easily do so by clicking on the SUB button on the left side of the fund, or the RDM button if you want to redeem (sell).

Peso Mutual Funds Available through FundsMart:

ALFM Growth Fund Equity
ALFM Money Market Fund Money Market
ALFM Peso Bond Fund Bond
ALFM Philippine Stock Index Fund Equity
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund Equity
ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund Bond
ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund Balanced
ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund Balanced
ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund Equity
First Metro Consumer Fund Equity
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Balanced
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund Equity
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Bond
Philam Bond Fund Bond
Philam Equity Index Fund Equity
Philam Fund Balanced
Pami Horizon Fund Balanced
Philam Managed Income Fund Money Market
Philam Strategic Growth Fund Equity
Philequity Dividend Yield Fund Equity
Philequity Fund Equity
Philequity Peso Bond Fund Bond
Philequity PSE Index Fund Equity
Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund Bond
Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund Balanced
Sun Life Prosperity Equity Fund Equity
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund Bond
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund Equity
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund Money Market

Dollar Mutual Funds Available through FundsMart:

ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund Equity
ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund Bond
PAMI Asia Balanced Fund Balanced
PAMI Global Bond Fund Bond
Philam Dollar Bond Fund Bond
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Wellspring Fund Balanced
Sun Life Prosperity World Voyager Fund Equity
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund Balanced
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund Bond 
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Starter Fund Money Market


1. Log in to your FirstMetroSec account

2. Once you are loggen in, click FUNDSMART on the upper right portion of the main page.


3. Analyze, screen, and trade mutual funds.





Money from various investors are pooled together to make up "baskets" of cash, bonds, stocks, or a combination of all.

Buying and selling of securities are done by an expert fund manager. As an investor, your ownership is represented by the number of shares you hold in the fund.

As share prices (NAVPS) increases, so does your investment's value.


Safest Investment with the lowest return. 
Composition: Time deposits, treasury bills, other short-term bonds
Risk level: Low
Provides stability and moderate income. 
Composition: Debt instruments with fixed interest rates issued by the government or private corporations
Risk level: Low
Combines the stability of bonds and the growth of potential stocks
Composition: Government securities, corporate bonds, stocks
Risk level: Medium
Highest risk with the highest potential over the long term
Composition: PSE index, dividend yielding and/or growth stocks
Risk level: High


•   Rely on expert fund management.
•   Hassle free, no need to monitor.
•   Reduce risk through automatic diversification.
•   Always liquid. Buy or redeem anytime.